Senior Multimedia Designer & Conceptioner


Welcome to,

the online portfolio of me, Johanna Krünes. I'm a creative professional working in the areas of games, TV and advertisement; specializing in multimedia design & conception, with a background in layouting, UI design and illustration. In 2013, I attended a scholarship by MedienCampus Bayern e.V. and worked at Activision Blizzard in QC. In December 2016, I also published an award-winning app for kids with Ploonymoon Studios.

Currently, I'm working as a senior visual design ninja at ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE. I am open to freelance opportunities at this time if the opportunity is right.

What I do


Knowing how to translate the client's needs and wishes into a convincing draft with target group driven "on-the-ground" experience.


Working at the interface between concept, design, content, implementation and project management.

Art Direction

Finding creative solutions by understanding the brand and working conceptionally based on the target audience; supervision and control.

What else to say

Creative thinker, with a diverse skill set

I'm a visual designer that has the passion for all things games, entertainment and advertisement. Specifically, my fields of work include: conception, web / app / UI design, campaign design and visual design, frontend design, screendesign, layouting, illustration.

Currently, I'm responsible for the visual development of cross-media design projects and take it from start to finish - from conception, together with the copywriter and other points of intersection, to final implementation. I have experience with big clients like Nespresso, Bethesda, Disney, Samsung & more.


Say hello!


Visit my project blog for some other works, sketches and concepts. I also invite you to check out my personal blog where I mainly write about making media for kids (German only).